Turgeon Raine Jewelers


Turgeon Raine Jewelers

Roles: Branding — Print Design — Advertising — Marketing — Production

Founded in 1982 by two gem aficionados, Norman Turgeon and Jerry Raine, Turgeon Raine offers the discriminating jewelry buyer an unparalleled experience in taste, style and elegance. Their remarkable collection of fine jewelry and gems is an ongoing collaboration of their combined experience of more than 70 years and their passion for exceptional diamonds, gemstones and jewelry design.

As Seattle's premier Jeweler, their new mark needs to symbolize delicacy and elegance. By creating a versatile logo, the brand can match the uniqueness of the jewelry while still representing the connected background of Turgeon and Raine. My role in the new brand identity was creating a series of logo lockups and applying them to print and digital materials including: stationary, Facebook & Instagram ads, newsletters and print ads.


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