REN Media


*Student Project

roles: UI/UX Design — Motion Graphics — Art Direction

Ren Media simplifies the way users watch TV and goes beyond entertainment, acting as an intelligent virtual assistant. By utilizing multiple modes of communication and adapting each individual user, Ren Media goes beyond any smart TV or speaker on the market by integrating multiple devices on a network with a personable and intuitive interface. For the name we brainstormed the interconnectedness of media, landed on the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, and chose his character’s name from Footloose, Ren McCormack, as a tongue-in-cheek cultural touchpoint.

Modern life requires an array of devices, operating systems, and digital subscription services that individuals are constantly switching between every waking hour of the day. With so many access points for information and entertainment, people are able to consume more content than ever before, while at the same time tasked with navigating complex digital networks for access


Tom Eyler Katie Strand


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Pitch Video

Ren Media goes beyond the capabilities of a smart speaker by integrating audio and visual communication. For a recipe, the user can play a cooking show on one device and have a persistent display of the step by step instructions on another screen. For watching a favorite show with friends located all over the world, a live chat option displays commentary from others as text, so you can share experiences real-time without intrusive audio.


When setting up an account, Ren Media immediately begins learning how the user talks to best understand and relate their preferred communication. Also, by connecting with the user’s social network and allowing them to pick whose taste they most trust, Ren Media learns through their network of established users how to provide the richest experience, right out of the box.

Ren would work with media subscription to provide bulk discount pricing for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and any other partnering services. The value for customers would be providing one consistent user experience, rather than bouncing between services with completely different organizational structures.