Koko: A Subscription Service for Dog Owners.


*Student Project

roles: Branding — Packaging — Marketing – UI design – Onboarding – Web Design

Koko (Finnish for “whole” or “entire”) is a subscription service for dog owners based on the Finnish Baby Box. In Finland, when someone has a baby, the government sends a box of essential baby products as a starter kit for a baby. The box has everything a new parent needs to successfully parent a newborn. There are too many options for pet foods and services in the current market. Pet owners are getting frustrated and overwhelmed by having to research the best food, insurances, and products. Koko is the Finnish Baby Box for dogs. Koko sends a box to each person or family with a newly registered dog at any of partnered locations. The box includes enough dog food to last 2 months, toys, a blanket, a leash, a collar, and an info booklet explaining everything Koko offers. The bottom of the box is even cushioned so it can also be used a temporary bed for puppies and smaller dogs. Sending this box with new dog owners not only establishes an emotional connection with our customers from the beginning but develops trust in our brand as well.

Koko takes care of dogs throughout the span of their life. KoKo has created specific meal plans tailored for each dog with monthly subscriptions including access to partnered services like; pet groomers, adoption clinics, veterinary offices, and dog walking services.


Ian Kirschner Nick King Olli Tumelius



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Koko makes owning your first dog easy. We do the research so you don’t have to.



We began developing our brand by first establishing how we want our customers to think and feel about Koko. These ideas, thoughts, feelings, and values would become our brand attributes. We discussed and wrote down words we wanted Koko to be associated with; keeping in mind the full customer experience our users would have. After narrowing down and grouping our word associations, our core brand pillars became clear.

We wanted Koko to be and feel:

Simple interactions and ingredients: from the UX/UI to the perfectly crafted meals and treats. Playful packaging, imagery, and illustrations to keep the fun of owning a dog incorporated throughout. Trustworthy tone and feeling throughout the entire customer journey.

To further understand our users, we sketched a WSOT analysis and customer journey map evaluating the marketplace, user needs/pain points, and customer entry points.